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Modular, Affordable, Reliable
Biological Treatment

High-strength Organic Wastewater Treatment

The only onsite wastewater treatment system that can treat concentration of BOD up to 150,000 mg/l
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Commercial Installations with Validation across Multiple Waste Streams

Treatment as fast as 6,500 mg/L BOD per hour or 1,600 lb/day.
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The Most Efficient Waste-to-energy Technology on the Market

Generate direct DC power with no methane.

Industries we Help

food and beverage industry

Food and Beverage Manufacturers

We reduce sewer bills and eliminate wastewater trucking.

livestock and confined animal

Confined Animal Operations

We reduce GHG emissions and optimize manure management.



We achieve Net Zero Program goals - 100% renewable energy, zero depletion of water resources & zero waste to landfill

Oil and Gas

We remove diesel, gasoline, benzene and phenol from wastewater.

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We Provide the Only Treatment
Technology for BOD > 25,000 ppm

Higher BOD removal than all others

BETT systems remove up to 150,000 mg/L BOD with no dilution.

More than
Reduction in wastewater management cost

Onsite BETT systems eliminate hauling costs and reduce sewer surcharges.

More than
Reduction in overall GHG emissions for treatment

BETT systems release less than 0.08% kg-CO2 for every kg-BOD treated.


Reduced Costs

We save 20%-60% on wastewater disposal costs by treating just the concentrated side streams.



We help companies meet their sustainability goals by reducing energy demand, lowering GHG emissions and enabling cost-effective water reuse.

Peace of Mind

We guarantee permit compliance regardless of production variabilities.

We solve your difficult wastewater challenges

So you can focus on production

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